Hmm, no posts so far

Hmm, no posts so far today, this day being friday night although techincally saturday morning. I watched the basketball game tonite, raptors vs sixers, the raptors won. It’s all good. I consumed a number of beers while watching the game and i’m a tad inebriated at the moment. I picked up a book I ordered online today, and a cd from a local merchant. I’ll mention them later. Some business cards also arived today, featuring the members of my house and other various slogans. All good.

The music companies have unveiled

The music companies have unveiled some new music downloading services. I have to say that the people behind these ideas are complete idiots, it won’t work. Why would someone pay to have low-quality music streamed to them (if it was high quality, you would need a high-speed connection, which a lot of people don’t have). Right now we can listened to streamed music on this new fangled electronic gizmo called a radio for free! Either offer free streamed music with ads (like radio) or offer unconditional downloads (like cd’s, if you buy one, you own the music on the cd outright).

I’m back in kingston now,

I’m back in kingston now, with clean laundry and a bunch of stuff from the freezer. Cable internet is so much nicer then dial-up, the internet connection at home wasn’t playing nicely and kept disconnecting me.

I watched Pay It Forward

I watched Pay It Forward last night. The movie had it’s good moments and overall, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted two hours of your life sitting there watching it. I found the ending a little bit on the cheesy side, i think it could have been done better.

Today is essentially birthdate of

Today is essentially birthdate of the web, well the day it was released to the public. To celebrate, maybe i’ll go back and look at some old magazines to see what predictions never came true. I remember the big things in a couple issues i have from around 1996, 1997 were 56k modems and the future of push technology, an integral part of netscape communicator. It never really panned out, oh darn.

I’m back at home for

I’m back at home for a couple of days. Just took it easy and went out to a bar with a friend i hadn’t seen in awhile. We couldn’t really get a hold of many people, a good chunk of them had to work today.

The concert that weezer is having in toronto is being moved to june 8 and the only way to get tickets is through the edge. I put my email into the contest, but it doesn’t seem likely that i’ll win. It would be nice to go. I made a cd yesterday afternoon, one of the first i’ve made in quite awhile. I was experimenting with a program called nero. It has some features that allow you to do things like crossfading. So, I’ve got a nice 21 song cd with crossfaded tracks. Although I was in a rush and didn’t notice that one of the tracks didn’t rip well and cut off part way through (blimps go 90 – guided by voices). Update: at this point I hadn’t listened to much gbv, so it seemed really abrupt with the crossfade. The track is in fact less than two minutes, but it’s still a damn good song

Yet another day. The new

Yet another day. The new weezer album comes out today, although i have had my hands on it for awhile. It’s pretty good. They’re going to be playing in Toronto on the 27th, but I don’t know where or how to get tickets. Odds are good that it’ll be some sort of contest give away thing. It would be nice to see em live though. I’ve also been listening to the upcoming gorillaz album as well. It’s some funky stuff, get a hold of clint eastwood, it’s a good tune.

I think I’m going to head home for a couple days tomorrow, see the family, see some friends and get some laundry done. I think i am supposed to help my brother write a cover letter for the job I had last year teaching computers. He probably has enough skills to handle it. I think i’ll through in an application for lead counsellor. If I got it, i might take it. I have a job for now, but it’s minimum wage and i’m not really sure whether it’s full time or not. The lead counsellor position pays $15/hr which is pretty damn good. I am having fun here and would hate to saddle my housemate with the flat monthly rates of telephone and cable, so it’s all kind of a tossup.

I’ve haven’t posted anything in

I’ve haven’t posted anything in the last day or two because I’ve been plugging away at a redesign of conform. It’s coming along, pretty much finished. I have to get the next series started up (shaun’s going to be helping me out with that) and perhaps tweak the contact page. Right now, it doesn’t work with the database to add people to the conform or suffocate mailing lists.

The US is holding back

The US is holding back money that they owe the UN until they are reinstated onto commissions that they lost seats in last week. I have to say that it’s akin to blackmail and will most likely only further serve to alienate world opinions of americans.