Wow, just looked at my

Wow, just looked at my site in netscape 4.08 and my site works fine. Yes, i hav netscape 4.08 kicking around, I have to. I’m working as the webmonkey for golden words next year, since it’s a Queen’s site, it’s supposed to be compliant with that version of netscape. Most of the computers in the various lab’s around campus and a default installation on the computers that they sell has netscape 4.08. Rather than upgrade to a good browser, they just force all the websites to be shittier.

I had a fun evening.

I had a fun evening. I ate dinner with one of my housemate’s (who’s staying the summer) and two girls from our floor last year at their apartment. We had a good time. The made us some pasta with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, peppers and chicken. We brought over a couple bottles of wine. My housemate (dave) and I watched some of the leafs game while the two girls were cooking. The leafs started out alright, but the game degenerated into a blowout. Oh well, maybe the raptors will beat the sixers and it will gives us someone else to cheer for.

Redid the layout this evening.

Redid the layout this evening. Clean and simple. I started keeping a weblog one year ago today. The only page I don’t have up at the moment is the links page. The reason would be that it’s not a carry over from the past layouts. I’m not sure if i’ll get around to making it tonite or not.

Man, I thought I had

Man, I thought I had a good lead on a job until this afternoon. I was told about the job last friday afternoon, it had just been posted on their website. It was doing some webmaster work for the facutly of arts and science. I sent in a resume and cover letter to the email address listed, because it was around 5 in the afternoon and the office was closed. The posting said they would be taking in applications until the 11th. I figured that I got in early, i have the skills, how many web geeks are left here over the summer. I called back this aft and they had filled the post. Surprised me. I’ll find something eventually.

The raptors beat the sixers

The raptors beat the sixers tonite. I couldn’t watch the game. For some reason, i never really envisioned myself saying that. I never was a huge basketball fan. I remember watching the NCAA tournament and every once in awhile an NBA game, but i never actively followed a team. It’s a side-effect of living in res this year and having rabid raptors fans on the floor.

My reason for missing the game would be a little job i’m doing on sunday nights. It’s 2-3 hours, cleaning up a building. It’s not really too hard to do, but it’ll bring in a little cash and it gives me something to do. It feels too odd not having any school work to do and not having a job. I’m at that stage where I feel the need to be doing something. I remember being younger and perfectly content doing absolutely nothing, especially on summer holidays. It may be having a much earlier start at the holidays or growing up, i’m not really sure. I deffinitely want to be doing something.

I have had the opportunity to finish off a couple books already and watch a couple movies. Reading for pleasure is one thing i tend to miss during the school year. I do some, but just enough. With the courses i’ve taken, I don’t have any novel reading to do either. Everything is fairly technical and not always easy to read. Economic theory, psychology, math, how to program java, it’s not quite the same.

The internet is now up

The internet is now up to speed for me. In res we couldn’t stream audio, well, at least not audio at higher bit rates. Things were obviously throttled down. It’s nice to be able to listen to streaming mp3’s, sort of like radio.

Back once again. Our internet/cable

Back once again. Our internet/cable was hooked up yesterday afternoon. The job hunt is as of yet rather fruitless, although i have found some leads. I’m deffinitely looking forward to doing some work, it feels to weird having nothing to do. I think i’ll try and get back into the swing of things over the summer, I havne’t really done much design work over the last year. There should be a new issue of suffocate coming out in the next day or two. I want to get something in for that. It sounds like the second period of the leafs game has started, time to go watch.

I moved into my house

I moved into my house in kingston on sunday, we’ve been getting set up the last couple days. At the moment I have no internet and no phone, but it should all by set up by friday. I’m busy typing away and responding to a few emails on a computer in one of the campus buildings. That and spending the afternoon looking for a job.