Yet another day. The new

Yet another day. The new weezer album comes out today, although i have had my hands on it for awhile. It’s pretty good. They’re going to be playing in Toronto on the 27th, but I don’t know where or how to get tickets. Odds are good that it’ll be some sort of contest give away thing. It would be nice to see em live though. I’ve also been listening to the upcoming gorillaz album as well. It’s some funky stuff, get a hold of clint eastwood, it’s a good tune.

I think I’m going to head home for a couple days tomorrow, see the family, see some friends and get some laundry done. I think i am supposed to help my brother write a cover letter for the job I had last year teaching computers. He probably has enough skills to handle it. I think i’ll through in an application for lead counsellor. If I got it, i might take it. I have a job for now, but it’s minimum wage and i’m not really sure whether it’s full time or not. The lead counsellor position pays $15/hr which is pretty damn good. I am having fun here and would hate to saddle my housemate with the flat monthly rates of telephone and cable, so it’s all kind of a tossup.