I think I might need

I think I might need to buy a new mouse, the one I have now keeps freezing up on me and sometimes it will just start scrolling through webpages. I’ve had an mp3 player for a year or two and found that I didn’t get much use out of it during the school year. The truth of it is, I forgot about the thing after I moved in. At some point during the school year, I installed windows 2000 and have no plans to go back to 98. Now, creative labs, the makers of the nomad have moved onto bigger and brighter things, in terms of the jukebox and the nomad II and have totally neglected any support of their older products. They don’t have any drivers for the nomad that will work under 2000, which is really a dissapointment. I could have gone with the Rio 500 at the time I got it, and probably should have.