There have been two new

There have been two new images added to conform today. Every once in awhile, I manage to get two people finishing their work on the same day. I like it, the project would just fly along if it went like this all the time.

The day itself was pretty uneventful. I worked a couple of hours at my carney job and then travelled downtown. I picked up a copy of the new guided by voices album, called isolation drills. It’s one of the earlier pressings of the cd that has a case made out of cardboard and access to a hidden website. I’ve seen the other version, it just comes in a standard jewel case. I also stopped by indigo and read two more short stories by Brian Aldiss. They’re both an extension of the Supertoys story that I mentioned yesterday, bringing the collected works to a grand total of 35 pages. I want to read more. Oh, and I did some laundry tonite too, how’s that for exciting?