I haven’t spent a whole

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time online the last few days. Between working a couple jobs, some of it being teaching computers, as well as the holiday weekend, I haven’t really had that much desire to go online at home. I’m back in brockville for a couple months, i dragged my computer back too. I convinced my parents to get dsl this week, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with the dial-up for much longer.

The camp I’m teaching right now only has dial-up, the one i’m teaching at for the next five weeks will be high speed. I talked to some people today and they said that the place i’m teaching at right now should have highspeed up and running by the time i get back there for my seventh and eighth weeks. It’s prety much the same situation as last year right now. It makes it kind of hard to teach the kids how to use the internet.