I went up to Kingston

I went up to Kingston for some of the weekend, had to take care of some bills and a few other details. I might be back up there for a stretch of time near the start of august as well. I was told today that they’re going to be cancelling one of my computer camp weeks. It’s kind of shitty because that takes away a chunk of money from me. I have a couple jobs that I could go back to for that week, but I’ll probably only be making half as much.

I used some of my first week’s pay cheque to purchase a 40gb fujitsu harddive and a 64mb abit siluro geforce 2 mx400 graphics card. That’s a mouthful. The pricing was pretty good, I picked them up from canada computers. I got the card and the harddrive installed last night without any major problems. The only glitch i encountered was a problem with resizing NTFS partitions with the Windows 2000 service pack 2. They did something to the file tables that makes partition magic bring up an error code.

I saw A.I. in the theatre yesterday. I had been wanting to see it for awhile but couldn’t make it. I enjoyed the film, it had some amazing visuals. The movie itself is in the same vein as a most of the kubrick films, very pretentious and broken up into three distinct sections. The second part of the movie is very different from the first, a lot darker and more haunting. I probably have to see this again, the ending is kind of out there. A lot of people probably went to see this expecting a spielberg film and ended up dissapointed. It is in fact very much a kubrick film.