Watched a bunch of things

Watched a bunch of things later in the evening last night. I caught That’s My Bush (the new show by Trey Parker and Matt Stone) as well as a bizarre interactive show called Bonzai. That’s my Bush was made horrible intentionally, mockign other sitcoms with bad laugh tracks, catch phrases, stupid coincidences and annoying neighbours. Bonzai was a messed up British show in which you bet on different people doing stupid things. I thought it was hilarious.

I also watched Blade Runner last night. I have seen it before, but wasn’t really paying attention. I’m still going to have to watch it again because I started falling asleep part way through it. I found a pretty extensive faq, although it’s probably about eight years old. I found it to be informative anyway. I really liked the movie. I saw Best in Show a couple of nights ago but never wrote it down. It was one of the funnier movies that i’ve seen recently. You can’t help but laugh at all these people who have no lives beyond grooming their dogs. It’s amazing considering that a large portion of the dialogue was adlibbed.