I decide to come up

I decide to come up to my house in kingston for the weekend and the weather decides to make it one of the hottest weekends of the summer. I have air conditioning at home in brockville, but not here. Bah.

I went and saw Planet of the Apes last night. I have some mixed feelings on it. I haven’t seen the original movie, so i’m trying to compare the two. As can be expected from tim burton, the movie is visually stunning. The acting and plot are kind of weak. People have said tim roth and helena bonham carter did great jobs acting, however a good chunk of it was just jumping around and screeching (for tim roth at least). There are some plot holes for sure, like where the hell did the horses come from? I don’t think the ending could have tried any harder to set things up for a sequel. It was still worth seeing anyway.