I’m back from kingston now,

I’m back from kingston now, it ended up being a fairly good weekend, did some work, had some fun. I watched a bunch of movies over the weekend, Soylent Green, The Graduate, Last Night and Glengarry Glen Ross. Out of the four of them, I liked the graduate the best, it’s a quality movie. Last Night is a tad on the empty and depressing side. I found glengarry glen ross to be a tad boring, there are some good scenes, but it drags on. Soylent Green is soylent green, it’s one of those sci-fi movies that you kind of have to see at some point. It paints a bleak picture of the future though, and some of the issues about the environment seem kind of surprising coming from a movie made in the early seventies.

I picked a couple cd’s for cheap at a used record store in kingston. The three albums i picked up were Collective Soul, Meat Puppets – Too High to Die and The Cult. The meat puppets cd and the collective soul cd are throwbacks to my younger days. Things that friends had, that i made tapes of years ago.