I’ve started some work on

I’ve started some work on a new layout, so there will be a new look around here in awhile. Summer’s starting to come to a close for me, a couple more weeks and i’ll be back to school. I have one more week of work left, then I’ll probably head back up to kingston.

As far as work goes, the group of kids we have this week is really inexperienced (ie six out of nine didn’t know how to turn on the computer). A little problem: how do you explain the concept of saving something to someone who hasn’t used a computer before?
Me: “If you don’t save it, it will disappear.”

Kid: “Why? It’s right there”, pointing at monitor.

Me: “It’s not like using a pencil and paper, if you don’t save what you’ve made, it will disappear.”

Kid: “Uhh… why?”

… and so on. A good analogy is a tv and vcr, the images on tv will dissapear when you turn it off unless you use a vcr. Now, there might be a problem if they haven’t used a tv or vcr before.