Kraftwork has some cool stuff

Kraftwork has some cool stuff happening on their website. It’s one of those art kind of things that doesn’t tell you how to get around. I liked pocket calculator and music non stop.

Wil Wheaton has a website now, he played wesley crusher on star trek: tng. I’m sure it’s propably been mentioned on a dozen weblogs in the last day or two. I thought it was relevant because i was a big star trek fan when I was younger and his website is pretty impressive in terms of him actually taking the time to learn things like php and grey matter. I’d love to play around with grey matter, but I cgi isn’t part of my hosting plan right now, i’d have to upgrade.

In a unrelated note, the contact lens solution that i use now comes in this trippy new bottle. The press release is here but allergan doesn’t seem to like external linking to articles, it wants to display them inside frames.