Man, it’s been a weak

Man, it’s been a weak effort by me at keeping this thing updated the last couple days. I’ve been having some fun, meeting up with people I haven’t seen in months and getting ready for school.

I decided to look at the campus bookstore online last night and it’s probably going to cost me about $500 for books this semester, tons of fun. On a cheaper note, I found a few relatively inexpensive cd’s at the sidewalk sale yesterday (david bowie – black tie white noise, daft punk – homework and manic street preachers – know your enemy).

On the movie front, I watched WarGames this morning. It’s an old movie, one of the first ‘hacking’ ones I believe. It can be fun to see all the old technology with big blinking lights and whatnot. It was funny because the movie was airing on the history channel and tbs. It didn’t really seem like something that the history channel would play.

Lastly, we have website updates. First off, I updated conform a few minutes ago. I’ve had the image around for a couple days but didn’t find the time to post it. The first issue of golden words is online, I wrote one article. It took me longer than expected to get it online, but I figure it’ll get easier once I get used to the system. Oh, there’s a new splash too.