Right now I’m sitting here

Right now I’m sitting here trying to finish off the Heart of Darkness for class tonite. I have a meeting for my business class in half an hour and class at seven, hmm.

I went to the weezer concert in Toronto last night. It was a great show, but weezer fans kind of suck, you’d just like to punch some of them.

This past weekend was homecoming, which is basically a lot of drunk old people and a lot of parties. I went to the football game on saturday afternoon, queen’s actually won. They have a parade at half time with the alumni, everyone stands around and screams while some of the old engineers try to surf up into the crowd. I decided to goto the washroom at halftime, I got sidetracked by the beer garden the was right beside it. Somehow, the people who I was with ended up in there as well. Time to read some more.