I was playing around with

I was playing around with some settings on my computer earlier today, group policy stuff. Never actually made any real changes though. I also decided to procrastinate by rearranging my bookmarks. I rebooted the computer tonite and it decided to be funny and delete 90% of my bookmarks. I guess they’re actually favourites and not bookmarks. I can’t really see any pattern in the ones that were deleted and the ones that weren’t. Oh well, more procrastination trying to repopulate them.

In an unrealted note, i think i may have been infected with some derivative of the nimda virus early in the morning while i was in bed. Outlook was open and checking every five minutes, with the preview pane open. There was an executable or some script embedded inside the html of a junk email. It executed and sent a bunch of people an email from me. If you received some of my gibberish, i apologize. Beyond that, I can’t really find any traces of it ever being on my system. I’ve done at least five scans today with updated virus definition files and they all came up clean. Not the easiest one to figure out.