I’m in the early stages

I’m in the early stages of writing an essay, the first one i’ve had to do in a couple years. I’ve chosen a topic based on the heart of darkness. Maybe I’ll post it when I’ve finished, maybe I won’t. It depends whether or not I actually like what I’ve written. Beyond that, there’s a statistics midterm and a programming assignment due this week. I have to teach myself how to write using assembler code. It’s a bit different if you’re used to programming in higher level languages.

Check out the last couple days of boondocks, starting with the strip from the 17th. Aaron McGruder has balls made of solid platinum to write stuff like that these days. I think the last couple strips are hilarious, a great statement regarding some of the excessive american flag waving that’s going on. So far, the editorial policy of the paper I write for has been strictly hands off. No anthrax jokes, no terroists jokes. It’s really a shame, one of the ways humanity copes with disaster is through humour. If people become oversaturated with patriotic images, they’ll start to lose the original meaning. The same way that people have become desensitized towards violence on television, they will become less aware of what their country’s core symbols represent.