Nethack, a text based dungeon

Nethack, a text based dungeon game. I haven’t really played it much, but apparently it’s pretty popular.

I watched Shrek in the afternoon yesterday and was pretty surprised. I think i was expecting a movie more like toy story, then again with mike myers and eddie murphy I probably shouldn’t have been. I ended up getting a free pass to Life as a House last night during a meeting, so I went and saw it. It’s being touted as an oscar contender, I think it’s debatable. The movie was pretty good, but it tried a bit too hard to be American Beauty. The acting was pretty good overall, although i’m not too sure about hayden christiansen. I haven’t seen anything else he’s been in, so there’s nothing to compare it to. His character is the overdone goth-druggie-marilyn manson cliche that makes you want to beat the script writers over the head for including in the movie.