I didn’t really sleep all

I didn’t really sleep all that well last night, i think my brain was too active from studying. All in all, i’ve been up for quite a long time today combined with the very little sleep, which makes me feel rather tired. The stats exam this morning fried my brain and sent me into a vegetative state for a large portion of the afternoon. Of course I probably needed some downtime.

I jump started my brain a short while ago by going out and seeing Waking Life. It’s been out for awhile, but in a town this size it takes awhile to get some of the more artsy films. I watched it with one of my housemates and we were both totally blown away. First off, it’s atypical in that it uses rotoscoping; a technique of animation overlaying film. Of course there are the people who’ll say that rotoscoping is nothing new and a number of the concepts in the movie are introductory collegiate philosphies. There’s a lot more there; lots of layers and levels that are integrated and applicable in that scene yet convey self-references to the film as whole.

Overall, I thought it was a great movie that opens your mind up a bit. It’s probably the first time since Memento that I’ve walked out of a threatre with my brain still very much active. I didn’t end up with that feeling of drooling pacfication suffered at the hands of a movie surgeon who opened up my skull and went to town with an egg-beater. I’d recommend seeing it.