I threw another template over

I threw another template over top of the photo section, not entirely sure if I like it or not.

It was one of those nice boring days; the ones where you do some productive stuff but spend a large chunk of it vegitating. I attended a presentation by Bruce McDonald this afternoon. He’s a relatively notable Canadian director, responsible for Hard Core Logo amongst other movies. If you haven’t seen it, I’d deffintely recommend doing so. He showed his final year film presentation, and another short based on a Michael Ondaatje. He also talked about what he learned/didn’t learn in film school and fielded some questions.

Of course, I’m not a film student but my housemate is, so I just tagged along to the screening. His final project was way too long (something he admitted) and had a lot of gratuitous shots/scenes (those showoffy-hey-look-at-this-isn’t-it-cool kind of shots). I really enjoyed the second film. All in all, it was pretty interesting.