Two job interviews, one went

Two job interviews, one went well, the other not so well. I enjoyed the first one and thought it went well, one of the girls is in my english class, they seemed like good people. The second one; I’ve already received notice that I won’t have a second interview. It was a group interview, i didn’t get the right impression from the people interviewing and think that I sabotaged it subconciously. Ever done that? Looking back, it seems like i stabbed myself in the foot on that interview. I did some things you’re not supposed to do in interviews and knew that I was doing it and didn’t really care.

Fun stuff. I was originally going to run for editor of golden words next year but changed my mind. I’m going to go for business manager instead. I’m going to be around two more years, so I’ll go for ed next time around. It’s the last year for two of the guys running and I feel that they’d do a good job with the paper, well better than I would at this point. I spent most of the day at the paper (and doing the interviews), I think there’s at least a couple of my articles going in for wednesday. More fodder for the writing section.