What Are They Thinking?

I just started a bit of work on an essay for my English class. One of the possible topics involves a close reading of the Bar Mitzvah scene in Duddy Kravitz and figuring out how it relates to the novel as a whole. So, I immeadiately jumped on the internet to see if I could find some information. Long story short, I ended up following a link to a bar/bat mitzvah store. They have some of the cheesiest t-shirts I’ve ever seen, I can’t imagine some people forcing these on their families. Like this shirt or this one. I have these images in my mind of Jordana’s purple clad family gathered round the Wailing Wall and Sam’s family celebrating his coming of age with a giant country-style ho-down. Yikes.
On a side note, the people at judaica worldwide seemed determined as hell not to let me link to their crappy copyrighted t-shirt images. Fuck that.