So Much For That

After I arrived home this aft, the weather proceeded to produce thunder, lightning and borderline torrential downpour. By the time I had to head back to work it was bright and sunny. The extreme amounts of rain caused them to close the course right as I showed up. That water also turned the range into a giant sponge. No picker, I had to walk around for about three hours in the sun on a giant sponge with two handpickers. It was shit. Makes me glad we usually have the motorized picker, so much easier.

And The Day Shall Be Long

I got off work sometime around 9 last night, in again at 7 this morning. It’s tournament day, tons of people. The morning draw ended up getting cancelled after a couple holes, thunder and lightning and whatnot. I had to drive a cart through sheets of rain looking for stragglers. Now I’m home for some food and an hour or two of chill time, then back in at 3 for a range shift that I took for someone else. It adds up to a 12 hour work day.

Oh My Computer

Well, I ended up only having two days off instead of three (i took someone’s shift today). The two days I had were spent fucking around with the computer. I decided to mess with partitions and install Mandrake Linux. I really tooled around my box, ending up with a fresh windows installation and weird drive letters. I now have windows installed on my g: drive, it’s kind of weird. Mandrake never really ended up working. I don’t think the boot loader was calling the partitions right and I think the linux partition was crossing the 8gb boundary, which I don’t think it particularly likes. However, I didn’t reinstall Office, I’m going with, Eudora and Mozilla to see how I get along without it. Clean installs are nice, they just take awhile to get things back. There were a couple things I forgot to back up like contacts in outlook and my bookmarks.

I picked up a couple of new optical drives as well. I used to have a dvd/cdr combo drive, but I was starting to get a lot more burn errors. I picked up a Pioneer 16X DVD drive and a LiteOn 32X cd writer. The dvd player is slot load, which is kind of cool and the cdr is a whole lot faster than my last one (<4 mins for a full burn comparted to >15).


At the moment, I’m trying to repopulate my bookmarks. Suffice it to say there aren’t as many as their used to be. I haven’t been to tom’s site in awhile, so I’m noticing now that he has a new design up. Seeing as how I’m a bit of a bookmark whore and tend to mainly visit things inside the realm of what I’ve previously experienced, I’m finding that not having the bookmarks to rely on is rather difficult. So I just sit here in front of the box and stare at the browser, wondering what I’m doing. No wild and frienzied click-through. Type type type. Recommended links would be nice.

Days Off

I’ve been ignoring my computer for awhile. I think I’ve worked the nine of the last ten days, generally 2pm until close (9ish). Wake up late, go to work, get home, shower, hang out with friends, goto bed. I have the next three days to reaquaint myself with the machine. Maybe a formatting, maybe some site design, who knows. The plan is to avoid entirely wasting it.

Dennis Hopper

Perhaps you’ve seen the new Gap commercial; the one with Dennis Hopper. Now as much as I like to hate Gap commercials this one makes me laugh. He’s just sitting there with that look, the one that says, “I’m the man.” And he’s sitting there thinking, “You all thought I was a fool for becoming involved with Waterworld. I knew what I was doing, it was over-budget because of me not that ponce Kevin Costner. I’m rich, look at me sitting in this lounge chair with the beautiful girl. Yeah.”

Friday Five

1. What shampoo do you use? I have a bottle of Herbal Essences right now, it was cheap. My housemate went home for the summer and left his Head and Shoulders around, so I’ve been using that a bit lately.

2. Do you use conditioner? What kind? Not usually, sometimes 2 in 1.

3. When was the last time you got your hair cut? I don’t remember. The last time I shaved all my hair off was January, I haven’t touched it since.

4. What styling products do you use? None.

5. What’s your worst hair-related experience? Nothing really, I think someone was giving me an undercut once and forgot to put that attachment on. Ended up shaving a little bald patch.


I’m supposed to work this afternoon, in about two hours. I was also supposed to work at leat four out of the last seven days. All of my shifts have been cancelled due to rain and course closure. It’s sunny outside right now, albeit a tad chilly so I’m guessing the golfers will still be heading out. When you need some money, it doesn’t help if you’re not working.