Snap Your Desk

Check out Rich’s new project: snap your desk. Take a photo of your workspace and send it along. He might need to redo the interface, if more people submit pictures it’s going to get kind of tedious trying to see ones that you haven’t seen already. Some sort of database implementation where people had an account and could change their photo to reflect their current space.


I started using mozilla as my primary browser a day or two ago. So far I’m liking it, especially the tabbed browsing feature. It’s upto release candidate 2, so we can expect version 1.0 shortly.

I’m curious to know if many people have tried and what they think. It looks like things are starting to get to the point where you don’t neccesarily need to be running Windows with Office.

Nullsoft Beep

Nullsoft has released Beep, it makes your computer sound like the ones in the movies. It’s good for a laugh at least. It might confuse other people that use the computer as well.

Donnie Darko

I highly recommend watching Donnie Darko. The website is fun too, tought to get around but it looks good. The movie is about Donnie Darko, a somewhat twisted kid who sees a giant rabbit named Frank. Throw in some time travel for good measure and you have a nice dark comedy.

A Week Full of Movies

A run down of the movies I’ve watched in the last few days: Moulin Rouge, Spiderman, Heist, No Man’s Land. Which one did I like the best? That would be No Man’s Land.

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever let myself sit down and watch Moulin Rouge, it just seemed wrong to me. Never the less, I did end up seeing it. Visually, I found the movie stunning, it was awesome. The songs were blah, it’s nice to do medley’s with other people’s music but it became pretty annoying in parts. And the plot/story? Yeah, that was horrible.

On to Spiderman. I watched a vcd version of it, I’ll probably check it out on the big screen for the eye candy. Lots of eye candy. Some more effort could have been put into the dialogue, although comic books aren’t known for their brilliance on that front.

Heist was blah. It’s a decent caper flick but I didn’t find anything that made it stand out in the crowd. It’s time filler I guess.

Lastly, No Man’s Land – well deserving of it’s Oscar win as best foreign film. It’s not an easy movie to watch, although not many war movies are. They almost make you feel guilty for being alive and living in comfort while people are dying. There are lighter moments, especially the difficulties that come into play with the multitude of different languages that are involved. The cinematography is pretty amazing as well, I recommend watching the widescreen version.


I’ve been on hiatus from the box for the last week or two. Working at a golf course cleaning clubs and whatnot. It’s not great work, but it’s not bad work either. It’s a nice course, and staff members can get out on it once or twice a week.

Other than work, I’ve just been chilling; watching movies, reading some books, pretending to be a vegetable. I’m working on some things right now, the site should become a little bit more active. School’s out, I seemed to have passed all my courses. Things are looking good.

Killing Time

I just finished up watching The Hidden Fortress, it’s a Kurasowa film. The Criterion dvd has an interview with George Lucas, in which he says that he was heavily influenced by Kurosawa and drew from this movie for his Star Wars films. As far as the movie itself goes, I enjoyed it. Two of the main characters are bumbling idiots and it’s tough to decide if you love them or hate them. It’s worth watching.

I watched Zoolander and Drop Dead Gorgeous a couple of days ago. I’m sitting on the fence with Zoolander, there are some things I found absolutely hilarious and other moments I found absolutely horrifying. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller definitely have some chemistry together on screen, I’d say I liked the Royal Tennenbaums better though. I wrote off Drop Dead Gorgeous a long time ago, it’s a shame. It really is a funny movie.

On Motivation

I seem to be having trouble getting motivated to write anything these days. I’ve been working and partying, generally ignoring the internet and the accompanying beige box. We’ve gone our separate ways for the summer months, so we won’t be killing time by getting stupid and forgetting what we learned this year.

I think I’m going to try and teach myself some mysql stuff and create a reviews section on the website. Something with a web interface that would be easy to update.

Moving On

The first day of May, how nice. It seems to be the day of choice for moving out and moving in. Andrew and Shawn are both taking off today; Eilis, Mike… the list goes on. Kingston’s an alright town to be in during the summer, but the neighbourhood just doesn’t have the same feel with most of the students missing. There will still be plenty of people around, it’s a shame more don’t stay.

I played some basketball yesterday, it’s left me a little bit stiff. I have to head into work in a couple of hours and sling golf clubs around. Should be fun.