Killing Time

I just finished up watching The Hidden Fortress, it’s a Kurasowa film. The Criterion dvd has an interview with George Lucas, in which he says that he was heavily influenced by Kurosawa and drew from this movie for his Star Wars films. As far as the movie itself goes, I enjoyed it. Two of the main characters are bumbling idiots and it’s tough to decide if you love them or hate them. It’s worth watching.

I watched Zoolander and Drop Dead Gorgeous a couple of days ago. I’m sitting on the fence with Zoolander, there are some things I found absolutely hilarious and other moments I found absolutely horrifying. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller definitely have some chemistry together on screen, I’d say I liked the Royal Tennenbaums better though. I wrote off Drop Dead Gorgeous a long time ago, it’s a shame. It really is a funny movie.