A Week Full of Movies

A run down of the movies I’ve watched in the last few days: Moulin Rouge, Spiderman, Heist, No Man’s Land. Which one did I like the best? That would be No Man’s Land.

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever let myself sit down and watch Moulin Rouge, it just seemed wrong to me. Never the less, I did end up seeing it. Visually, I found the movie stunning, it was awesome. The songs were blah, it’s nice to do medley’s with other people’s music but it became pretty annoying in parts. And the plot/story? Yeah, that was horrible.

On to Spiderman. I watched a vcd version of it, I’ll probably check it out on the big screen for the eye candy. Lots of eye candy. Some more effort could have been put into the dialogue, although comic books aren’t known for their brilliance on that front.

Heist was blah. It’s a decent caper flick but I didn’t find anything that made it stand out in the crowd. It’s time filler I guess.

Lastly, No Man’s Land – well deserving of it’s Oscar win as best foreign film. It’s not an easy movie to watch, although not many war movies are. They almost make you feel guilty for being alive and living in comfort while people are dying. There are lighter moments, especially the difficulties that come into play with the multitude of different languages that are involved. The cinematography is pretty amazing as well, I recommend watching the widescreen version.