Holy Shit, It’s The Return

My new computer finally arrived a day or two ago. I decided to go with a Powermac G4 933 instead of a pc. Reasoning based on my growing hatred for the piss-poor design of windows and observing most of my computer science professors walking around with ibooks and powerbooks. I figure they probably have a pretty good idea what’s going on. I’ve spent the last day or two getting comfortable with the system. I can say that it’s pretty intuitive and that anyone who says, “There’s no software available for macs” is a bloody liar. There’s lots of well designed software out there (due to the fewer number of users, it’s not as easy to come by pirated software), for windows there are reams and reams of shitty programs that you can download. Yea!

Life without a computer on the desk? That’s reading books and watching movies, going out and doing things. Last weekend I went to Toronto to catch Guided By Voices in concert. They played on friday and saturday night, I went to both shows. Both shows were amazing, that’s about the only way I can put it. The intenisty of the band and the crowd was unbelievable, even more so the second night (it was impressive that they could top the first show). It rocked hard and I think I’m going to have to start looking for bootlegs of the show that someone hopefully recorded.

So, it’s the return and thus the reader can probably expect a semi-regular updates once again. The design will probably be left alone for awhile, at least until I get copies of photoshop and dreamweaver. Peace, that’s all there is for the moment.