Movies and Such

It was a scheduled day off today, it wasn’t really all that eventful; relaxing though. I decided to start watching Sneakers around three in the morning yesterday. I thought it was pretty well done, it still holds up as a ‘hacker’ movie years later. I think in part due to the all-star cast: Redford, Poiter, Kingsley et al. It’s worth checking out.

This evening involved watching The Seventh Seal. It’s rated up there as one of the greatest films of all time; many people being aware of the chess match with death. I liked it and will probably have to watch it again to offer more opinion. There’s some dark comedy elements to it, a form of humour that I always tend to enjoy. There are many philosophic underpinnings, mainly relating to the nature of God/Satan, death and so forth. It’s pretty wild. I watched the criterion disk and have to say that they did an amazing job restoring the film.

Almost forgot, I also flipped between and The World According to Garp on television this aft. Kind of watching which ever one interested me at the time and doing some dishes. I’ll say my preference leaned in the direction of Garp, but I kept flipping back for the action sequences in Robin Hood.