These Days

It was nice to have a day off yesterday, I actually set about accomplishing tasks rather than vegitating. I have a bunch more photos up, although I did manage to forget the month of March. I’ll change the sidebar link to the photo section when I get a few minutes, I moved it onto a subdomain and started using a different system.

I went out and saw Signs. Shyamalan is becoming a modern day Hitchcock; a master of suspense. It’s one of those movies that will have you on the edge of your seat, you keep expecting things to happen. He’ll build up the tension, let it fall away and then scare the shit of you. I really enjoyed it and would recommend watching it a nice dark theatre instead of watching a pirated copy on your computer.

The remainder of the evening saw me take in The Reverend Horton Heat at a pub downtown. Honestly, I had never really listened to any of his music before but I’m tempted to get some now. It’s sort of an odd show to witness, and old guy with a guitar backed by a big mouth bass and a drum kit. They proceed to belt out rockabilly songs with a punk feeling to them. The show was high energy and high intensity but I felt pretty lethargic and had trouble getting into it.