More, More & More

I ended up watching Withnail & I, one that Bruce Robinson did before How to Get Ahead in Advertising. That one was good, but Withnail is better. The dialogue is amazing; the scene where they get arrested for drunk driving is genius. I couldn’t stop laughing.

So immeadiately following the movie, I jump on the IMDb and seek it out for blogging. I was checking out the Withnail & I entry and notice the “we also recommend” at the bottom for Bulletproof. Yeah, that one with Adam Sandler in it. Which in turn recommends Lethal Weapon, which recommends Lethal Weapon 4. That brings us back to Lethal Weapon, an infinite loop. I found it amusing.

Update: Andrew and I guessed that his might not be such a random occurence. He recommended that I try A Knight’s Tale, which sure enough leads to an infinite loop. Try it. And then Snatch, that does it too. And then Straw Dogs. Yup those were all Andrew’s choices. Andrew the film buff.

Update #2: Refusing to give up, Andrew tries his last hope: Blade Runner. Sure enough that hunt ended quickly in a loop with Aliens and Alien3.