School kicked the shit out of me for a couple weeks. I didn’t see a whole lot of my house or computer. When I did, I seemed to be working on assignments. Exam season is here, which means slacking off for awhile before actually getting down to studying.

I’ve started getting ideas again for websites. It’s like a lot of my ideas were forcibly removed when I lost harddrives in the summer. I’m going to start updating things again and spend less timing staring vacantly at the monitor. I started off by upgrading to Moveable Type 2.51. Next in the pipes are some redesigns and work on various projects.

I seem to forget that I can jot down whatever stupid ideas come into my head. It seems that I’m always opening a text editor to write shit down in. Maybe I could script something between BBEdit and Moveable Type, so I could just do new entries like that. Hmm.