I’ve been playing around with Safari a bit, and agree with a lot of the comments that people have made. The one big thing people are complaining about is the lack of tabbed browsing. I’m pretty sure this will get implemented, how could they overlook one of the key reasons that so many people have switched to Chimera? I think it’s because of they want people to try using the SnapBack feature as opposed to tabs. It works much the same way I tend to use tabs, i.e. opening up a bunch of links from a weblog in tabs so that I can still go back and finish reading the site. That’s how the SnapBack works, you can go off down some trail, leave a marker and be instantly teleported back when you don’t feel like being there anymore. I think it’s a good method for browsing weblogs and such, but something people wouldn’t have bothered trying if the tabs were available. That said, Apple will still put tabs into the browser because they’re very useful (especially the bookmarking groups of tabs).

I can’t say a whole lot about the rendering engine they decided to use, based on the Konquerer engine rather than Gecko. They went for lean and mean, but might have pissed off the people whose website code no longer works properly. I know for sure that Java things seems to be working better for me (I was never able to do this crossword puzzle in Chimera).

Next up, I don’t think the browser has 128-bit encryption. Or if it does, it’s just not rendering either of the pages that I use encryption on properly. Namely my banking website and my school’s course/marks website.

Last thing I want to comment on is the bookmark managing. I think the new system is great, it’s what I’ve been looking for. It’s the way I’ve been trying to use bookmarks (with IE on windows and Chimera on mac) for a long time. I use a lot of bookmarks, it’s the crux of my browsing but Chimera has piss-poor bookmark management. I ended up using Bookit, so i didn’t have to deal with Chimera’s lackluster sidebar.