A News Day

What can I say, I’ve been busy lately. I should really be able to find more posting time though.

So, there was a deadline for war and it coincided with prime-time television. Only problem was, the weather wasn’t ready for prime-time. But what about all the viewers tuned in to watch the show? Well, launch a volley of missiles, that should keep them happy. That might be a bit cynical, but I found it amusing.

Take a look at this screencapture from google news. Now, move beyond the major stories, take a look at the ones in US and World. On any other day, those would be major headlines. A quick run down: A massive operation in Afghanistan (link), New Serbian Prime Minister (link), Drilling in Alaska a no-go (link), DC-3 hijacked from Cuba(link), Columbia data recorder recovered (link).

Well, that’s out of the way. What have I been up too? Well, there was those assignments, and the putting together of the newspaper. Go check out the first issue that I was officially co-editor for, I think it turned out alright (there’s a .pdf that looks like the actual print version). And then there was some drinkee drinkee on St. Patrick’s Day, but that’s nothing special for college life. Any day can be a getting drunk day. Then a couple more assignments. It just doesn’t stop. The weekend brings a Saturday full of interviews for new masthead. So…