New Stuff

This site’s been shit for the last year or so, it’s been a pretty weak display. I got sick of the temporary design that I put up months ago and meant to change. Hell, I’m not even designing anymore, I barely open photoshop. So, here’s a nice texty layout that suits me for right now. I’m looking to overhaul this shit in the near future, I need to get back into the design game. I’ll get all my old work back up, I’ll get all the stuff I’ve written up, and a new photo archive too because the current one’s broken. And I’ll start Conform up again. The game man. I haven’t talked to people in years but they seem to be appearing to me again.

And what better time to start doing all this shit? The start of exams. If I fuck them up and fail a bunch, is it because of the website? Nah, it’ll be due to my lacklustre performance and not trying all that hard. On the plus side, I added a links thing on the side. Just one offs, that should get me updating a bit more.