3 Years

I ended up being away at a conference this weekend for my summer job. Basically people from a bunch of different science/computer camps sharing ideas. I failed to mark the passing of this site’s third anniversary. Or sort of birthday. Three years since I started the weblog thing. Different domain, different layout, different content, different tools. Unfortunately, this is the only real permanent record of my past sites, I lost a lot of the early ones that I did back in high school, in the days of extremely long Geocities names and embedded midi music. I just realized that I’ve been maintaining a website since grade 9 (at least I think 9 and not 10) but still that’s 6 or 7 years, somewhere around a third of my life. That’s pretty wild.

I think that I’ll set about finding some of my old content and trying to post some of it in an archive or something. I could even use it as a portfolio. Well time to go out for a drink, then crash and burn, it’s been a long weekend. I didn’t get a chance to call my mother, it might be a bit late. Well happy mother’s day to my mother if she’s reading this and any other mother who may be reading it. I have trouble fathoming why.