3 Years

I ended up being away at a conference this weekend for my summer job. Basically people from a bunch of different science/computer camps sharing ideas. I failed to mark the passing of this site’s third anniversary. Or sort of birthday. Three years since I started the weblog thing. Different domain, different layout, different content, different tools. Unfortunately, this is the only real permanent record of my past sites, I lost a lot of the early ones that I did back in high school, in the days of extremely long Geocities names and embedded midi music. I just realized that I’ve been maintaining a website since grade 9 (at least I think 9 and not 10) but still that’s 6 or 7 years, somewhere around a third of my life. That’s pretty wild.

I think that I’ll set about finding some of my old content and trying to post some of it in an archive or something. I could even use it as a portfolio. Well time to go out for a drink, then crash and burn, it’s been a long weekend. I didn’t get a chance to call my mother, it might be a bit late. Well happy mother’s day to my mother if she’s reading this and any other mother who may be reading it. I have trouble fathoming why.

Too much liberty

Apparently Canada is giving away a bit much in the civil liberties department and the US would like to minimize that:

“Also, Canadian laws and regulations intended to protect Canadian citizens and landed immigrants from government intrusion sometimes limit the depth of investigations.”

Them laws n’ stuff’re gettin’ in the way of them laws that we’re a tryin’ a protect. That’s right cowboy, we don’t need any of those hooligans smokin’ their reefers and causin’ a ruckus. It’s past noon, lets grab us some beer and some guns and go out and defend our right to have those guns.

New Hampshire’s Loss

New Hampshire’s is a state in mourning today, upon the discovery that the beloved Old Man of the Mountain had in fact fallen off the mountain. The pile of rocks on the side of the mountain resembles the face of an old man, an image that has graced coins, license plates, and other state paraphernalia for many years. The pile of rocks has become an enduring symbol of something-or-other for the state.

“I’m absolutely devastated by this,” said Masterman. “It makes you wonder if God is unhappy with what is going on.”

I bet God is unhappy with what’s going on. So unhappy that he wanted to jab an icepick right through the hearts of the infidels and unfaithful. Unfortunately all these infidel types seem to be in hiding these days, so he figured that knocking over a pile of rocks in New Hampshire would suffice. Frankly, I expect more out of a state with the motto, “Live Free or Die“.