The Week

It’s been an ace week I must say. I picked up some sort of viral infection about 7 days ago, being sick is shitty. The sickness thing is starting to look more like mono, most of the symptoms and it’s lasted longer than most viruses tend to. And my dog died.

It’s kind of a funny way to end a pity paragraph, but it’s even funnier when your dog actually did die. Or more tragic, either way – more pity! Taffey was getting old, she’d been getting progressively worse since last summer, just getting old. Couldn’t run as fast, go as far, jump as high. Then, more breathing problems, blackouts and seizures. Despite that, she was still happy and alert and had the will to live. Pain overtook this week and she was putdown. I’m kind of sad but not too much, it was expected and she gave me years of happiness, a great pet. The cat on the other hand, I’m surprised that it’s lived as long as it has, it seems really stupid sometimes.

The virus makes me want to sleep, i guess that’s why it’s a virus. It leeches all the energy out of you.