These wee little bitty things inside me are really kicking my ass. Turns out I actually do have mono, things were looking on the up n’up last week but then my throat decided to get all patch, sore as fuck and leave an opening about the size of dime. It’s a great way to start the summer.

Lets move on to something a little bit more interesting. Here’s an internal memo from Warner Music Group to their employees. The internal memo has a link to a bunch of legal sites or initiatives that they’ve started. The link seems to be down for me, maybe it’s getting a lot of traffic.

You also may want to take this opportunity to consider whether any peer-to-peer services are being used on computers in your home. Please keep in mind that use of peer-to-peer services to download copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner, whether in your office or your home, is illegal. It is also unfair to all of the talented individuals (including yourself) who contribute to the creation and marketing of creative works.

The part of that paragraph that made me laugh was the “(including youself)”, aww way to be a team player. That’s pretty much how the memo ends to, it’s great.