One week down

One week of camp down, seven left to go. Last week was kindergarten to grade 3, it’ll be the same this week. The highlight probably had to be one of the kids in my group on our trip to the zoo. One of the kids in my group had a really whiny high-pitch voice, but he was well-mannered and easy to look after.

We were at a fence in front of the lion’s cage, and he had his head down inbetween the bars, looking at the cage. Me and Michael here him say, “Excuse me, Excuse me.”, in his whiny high-pitch voice. Michael looks down at him and says, “Is your head stuck between the bars?” He says, “Yes.” in the whiny high-pitch voice, and kind of trailing off. It might not come out so well without the live imitation of the voice, but it was really cute and funny. His head wasn’t really stuck, he just misjudged it a bit because his hat was pretty thick.