Jump Jump

The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump
The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump
Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump
uh huh uh huh
Jump Jump
The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump
The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump
Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump

I let myself knockin’ knockin’
I love it when a girl is play jockin’ jockin’
The D-A-double D-Y-M-A-C
Ya you know me
I got you jumpin’ an’ pumpin’ an’ movin’ all around G
In the mix I make ya take a step back
They try to step to the Mac then they got jacked
To the back you’ll be sportin’ the gear that’s coincidental
And like you knowit so don’t be claiming that it’s mental

Three oranges and a pile of mangos

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, the newspaper is already starting to eat up time. The first PressNite is this coming sunday, hopefully everything runs smoothly. I’ve been relaxing, trying to have some downtime before things get crazy.

So not…

The Sex Pistols concert happened but didn’t so much happen for us, we left the tickets in the car. Oh well, I wasn’t too attached to the idea of going, it was more of a, “Hey, the Sex Pistols are still sort of alive and playing, I should probably see them.” Ended up having a good time regardless, just chilling in downtown Toronto, I had a good time.

One of the better parts of the pseudo-weekend was seeing Buffalo Soldiers, one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. I need to see it again, but so far it’s only opened in limited release despite that fact that it’s been in the can for almost two years. It’s good, if you know somewhere that’s playing it, you should go see it. You should also bring some rum or something with you and pour it into the movie theatre cup. Putting a bar in a movie theatre is a brilliant idea.

I can see why they avoided releasing it for awhile, it’s pretty anti-military. Something the country doesn’t need right now! They held off after 9/11 and after the whole Iraqi war thing. Anyway go see it, I laughed a lot out loud. It takes a lot for a movie to do that to me anymore.


Yeah, I did a good job putting everything online and getting the site in nice working shape so I could avoid doing anything to it for a week. I’m done work now, pretty much anyway. I still have a bit of stuff to do; a transition manual and some computer stuff.

The last week of camp was a lot of fun. It was a bit of a mess because the university was closed on monday, but we got everything off to a nice hungover start on Tuesday. We had staff drunkenings on Monday and Wednesday night. The Wednesday was a good dinner, with lots of wine, followed by going to the opening night of the Peel Pub in Kingston. It’s cheap and I can see myself spending too much time there this year.

I finished up and came back to Brockville for a couple of days. It seems like everything has been people people people for the last couple of weeks, I need some downtime. The house’ll be empty this week, so I can get some cleaning done, get working on the transition manual and start doing some stuff for the paper.