Yeah, I did a good job putting everything online and getting the site in nice working shape so I could avoid doing anything to it for a week. I’m done work now, pretty much anyway. I still have a bit of stuff to do; a transition manual and some computer stuff.

The last week of camp was a lot of fun. It was a bit of a mess because the university was closed on monday, but we got everything off to a nice hungover start on Tuesday. We had staff drunkenings on Monday and Wednesday night. The Wednesday was a good dinner, with lots of wine, followed by going to the opening night of the Peel Pub in Kingston. It’s cheap and I can see myself spending too much time there this year.

I finished up and came back to Brockville for a couple of days. It seems like everything has been people people people for the last couple of weeks, I need some downtime. The house’ll be empty this week, so I can get some cleaning done, get working on the transition manual and start doing some stuff for the paper.