I did manage to get the new layout up before I disappeared for the weekend, i don’ t think there were any major glitches. It wasn’t a bad weekend to end up in Quebec, no possibility of rolling blackouts with them on a different power grid.

We made it to the Radiohead concert on time, despite the fates conspiring against us. Although, we missed Malkmus opening up. We’ll say that I did all together too much drinking that night, past sunrise, and had a rough time saturday afternoon. Alanah crashed, she’d done a lot of driving. Dave and I wandered around downtown for awhile and stayed up until the sun arrived.

Partied at Dan’s house in Montreal, that’s about it for the weekend. We played a drinking game involving typing in random word combinations that could be taken as sexual and seeing if they came up as porn sites. Yeah, we’re all dorks. I wrote down a bunch of the good websites that we came across:
longest domain name &

None of those link to anything bad, but most of them made me laugh. is probably the best one that we came across, so is (find the t-shirts).