Everything went dark

Well, that was fun. The power came back on in the wee hours of the morning. I was able to set my alarm clock, but forgot to set the right station/volume, so I ended up being late for work. I’m supposed to be seeing radiohead in montreal tonight. I know that the show is still on, but I’m not really sure how I’m going to get there.

The camp is a gong show, how are you supposed to run a computer camp when the network is down and they don’t want anyone non-essential on campus? Play games outside? Yeah, the computer geeks like that idea.

The power went off yesterday between the time I left work and got home. I ended up just chilling and doing some drinking down at the Scherzo. We got there early, had a few beers and left to go barbecue some meat that would have gone bad. There was wine and then back to the pub. Dave and I also wandered around giving out popsicles, they were all starting to melt. It was pretty chill; little noise and an incredibly beautiful night sky. I also found out something about a previous power outage (article):

On Aug. 11, 1996 — almost exactly seven years ago — a squirrel found its way into a grid on the U.S. West Coast and knocked out power in nine states and parts of Mexico, demonstrating the weaknesses in the system.

Yup, it was all downed by a squirrel. I can see it happening, those evil bastards have been acting kind of odd lately. Running around and getting into the garbage. I blame it all on them.