Pure excitement

Didn’t really do all that much this weekend, just slept a lot and tried to recover from the weeks of dealing with children. It’s back to computer camp with the older kids this week.

I had my Saturday of police movies with S.W.A.T. followed by Narc. SWAT? Well, it’s not really that bad — it’s a popcorn action flick. The script was horribly written with a standard plot and the stilted dialog. It was the actors that made they movie, they managed to turn in some good performances with what they were given. It was entertaining, that’s what it was supposed to be; i just wanted to avoid the thinking and sit in a nice air-conditioned theatre. Narc was pretty good, another actor driven flick, kind of like Training Day. Oh, and Ray Liotta referring to Busta Rhymes’ character as Coolio was kind of funny.