RPC bug

Go windows! With the whole not using windows, i tend not to keep abreast of bug announcements from Microsoft, they tend to find some major exploit every other day. Of course, my mom phones up last night and tells me that the computer is doing funky shit, like RPC and rebooting, I figured explorer was pretty messed on that computer (which it is) and told her to stop using it and outlook express, guess I was wrong. I got to the camp this morning and all the kids had the reboot message popping up on their screens, I didn’t install all of the patches when i created the disk image last week. Oh well, we got it fixed it was a just a bit of pain-in-the-ass with everyone trying to connect to Windows Update server to download the patches. Doing the sysadmin thing this week makes me feel a lot of sympathy for those poor it-support bastards that have probably had to deal with this all day.

The virus doesnt appear all that malicious, just annoying. If you’re using windows I recommend grabbing the patch and the cleaner. That should fix everything up nicely.