The Weekend

It was a long long weekend. I made it to the Warped Tour, but didn’t end up getting in until after three… so we missed a couple of bands like The Used and Thrice. There was also a downpour, so it turned everything into a nice big wet muddy mess. The sky cleared up later in the afternoon, but everything was till soaked. Some of the bands I got to see were: Poison the Well, Mad Caddies, Bigwig, Pennywise, Dropkick Murphy’s and Rancid.

My runaway favourite for the show was Letter Kills; they played on a tiny stage hidden within the merch booths. The band put on a great live performance and the lead singer has an amazing stage presence, he was swinging off the bars of the tent and came into the crowd, singing into people faces, crawling along and diving onto the crowd, singing the entire time. He sold the band’s cd after the show and personally thanked everyone for buying it and showing up. It was pretty wild. Their website is pretty cool looking too, props on design.

Alanah and I stuck around in downtown Toronto for a bit before catching a mid-afternoon train back to Kingston. I picked up a couple used albums (Pixies, Slaves on Dope, Harvey Danger) and t-shirts to go along with the samplers and stickers that I picked up from the booths (I didn’t spend much time in the pits, it felt like I had elves inside me punching me stomach). We had some lunch and vowed not to drop any more cash with the devil piece of plastic.

There were massive quantities of water pouring out of the sky last night, so I opted not to venture into the outside world. Watched a few movies and some episodes of Invader Zim, a cartoon that’s hit or miss. It has the whole alien invaders thing going on, so it’s targeted at the geeks and dorks among us. The show isn’t limited to that, when it’s on, it’s on. The best character is a really stupid but incredibly funny little robot called GIR. The first episode is a must, he has some choice lines and bits.