Bring the funny

It was a long day/night at the paper… it wasn’t a long issue, but we did a lot of short gags, a lot of comics and such. It was torturously hot in EngSoc with all the computers running, all the people, all the humidity and whatever other crap decided to throw itself into the mix. It’s hard to produce good content, when you’re all hot and sticky and sweaty. Things started being more productive later in the evening. I’m not looking forward to the winter months, but I think the fall will be better for efficient newspaper production.

I need to do a computer ethics paper/presentation now. It’s not hard, only 400-500 words and 2-3 minute presentation. My topic for the week is online fraud. If you have any good links kicking around let me know. It’s not actually due until Tuesday afternoon, but I have a group meeting tomorrow night. I guess that I’ll probably actually end up working on it sometime tomorrow afternoon.