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Gah, test and essays and assignments already. It feels like I haven’t really stopped since school started a couple of weeks ago. I think half of it has to do with the newspaper turning Sunday into a nonexistent day and Monday into a late and tired one. It seems like the week is short and my time just disappears.

My parents came up on the weekend; we had some breakfast and did a bit of shopping. I picked up a bookcase for my room and ended up getting a birthday present a little bit early. My new toy is a Palm Zire 71, i’m liking it. The screen is beautiful, really nice to look at. I think that I’ll probably end up reading more books; ebooks aren’t all that hard to find and it’s pretty easy to pull out the palm and start reading.

Here are a few random links that won’t go on the sidebar: Man arrested with snakes down pants, Frank Black tries to prove himself on his own message board, Copyright and Fairuse and Fighting the Fevers (here’s an excerpt): “This encounter between the world’s richest man and some of the world’s poorest prostitutes is part of Mr. Gates’s new passion: doing to AIDS and malaria what he did to Netscape”.