Bub a dup dup dup dup da dup dup

Or something like that, think Daft Punk. Uh, so I have some midterms and stuff coming up this week, it’s going to be fun. Not that every week isn’t tons and tons of fun. I have the newspaper to run tomorrow. And I discovered that I have an extra hour tonight, thanks to daylight savings time. Isn’t that great. Oh, I got my final CISC499 project this week (I’ll probably related my 497 project to it as well), I’m going to co-develop Go-Moku for PocketPC and Palm. I haven’t done any game AI or much game programming in general, so it should be interesting. I enjoy puzzle games though, so it’s an interesting project. Right now, I’m studying some networks. Yeah, on Saturday night I’m reading. Whee. I’ll probably go watch a movie with Alanah soon, I can only take so much of this.