Write a post claiming how infrequently you post and do your best to continue the trend. Last weekend was homecoming, when a lot of alumni come back, get drunk and generally act like assholes. It’s a lot of drunken debauchery and gives people a chance to start drinking by noon (technically you can any day, just so you know). I woke up sick on Sunday morning, not from drinking but from hanging out with filthy human beans. Then, I had to go edit the paper. Editing a funny paper when you’re sick isn’t so much fun. Add in the fact that Clark decided to fill the boardroom with forty kegs and fifty cases of beer, so Alex and I didn’t have our own room to edit in. I survived.

Monday was my birthday, also not all the exciting due to sickness. The essay/presentation due for Tuesday didn’t help either. I went down to the Scherzo later on for a couple birthday pints, Dave was bar-tending and it was the DJ collective night. The music is usually pretty chill, and there aren’t that many people. You can play cards or chess or backgammon or whatever, it’s fun. Alanah gave me some stuff for being sick, some Glenfiddich and a copy of The Baghdad Blog. That’s about it for now, I have another Algorithms test tomorrow, I need to do some more studying for it. I have a meeting to goto as well.