Alright, there was the Networks midterm on wednesday night, it was open book — i did a lot of research during the test. I think i did alright. I also had an assignment due for Networks this morning, it was writing a simple mail client. It wasn’t really that hard. And thus the week is done. I got the algorithms test back today, I passed, did ok, but not great.

Today is Halloween, the day/night when freaks get along alright with the rest of society. I don’t really know what I’m up to. There’s a bunch of keg parties and shit that I know about and there’s always The Scherzo, they have a show going on tonight, it should be good fun. I had office hours this aft, the office contains left alcohol from the cresting party. Yea!

With that I’m done. If I have something more productive to say, I’ll let you know. I’ve been trying to update the sidebar links more often, so try that shit out.